Crew Techs Review from a Pissed off Technician

Dude, I miht be new — like, i been working in av for 2 years. but still, when a friend told me about Crew Techs in Orlando, he said they got good jobs for new techs, so I sent my resume in. Some chick named tammy called me a for a job. the pay was lower than usual, 15 bucks an hour but i needed the money bad. got a wife, a baby and an 800 dollara month rent. i took it.

anyway i got to the job site on time and NOBODY WAS THERE to tell me what to do. i waited for 3 hours. i couldn’t reach nobody to find out what the hell was going on. they sent me to the wrong place!!! an d said yeah, we dont need you. i said why dint you tell me befor or yesterday???

they hung up on me.

audio visual techs beware the crew techs in Orlando. avoid them like the plague. worst experience ever. i needed the money bad.



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