Crew Techs Reviews

Crew Techs Negative Reviews

AV Tech, Keitha: I’ve been an audio/video engineer for 15 years. When I was hired by Crew Techs for 3 jobs, I was told that I would get paid $40 per hour because I was doing audio and video. When I got my checks for the work I did, they paid me $20 per hour. I called them out on it and they outright lied and said they never agreed to pay me the $40. SO PISSED. Fellow techs beware CrewTechs!

AV Tech, Bobby: Look, I’ve been doing this for only a few years. I’m trying to grow through the ranks. Right now, I’m a floater. These guys exploited the hell out of me. TOTALLY TOOK ADVANTAGED, worked me harder than a sled dog. Guys, i don’t know how they treat techs who been doing this longer, but if you’re a new AV Tech, please be careful of The Crew Techs.

AV Tech, Alexa: I am a fucking show director! I cannot believe how disrespectful and offensive Crew Techs is. They are such sexist assholes, and, OMG, they asked me to kowtow to my male counterparts because they were men. Unbelievable. Hate, hate, hate Crew Techs.